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Who we are

Our company

Our company was founded in 2016 with a production plant capable of extracting substances for plant nutrition and protection. We immediately sought collaboration with the Universities of Siena, Pisa and Florence, which developed over three years of scientific studies supported by the departments of Plant Pathology, Soil Chemistry and Life Sciences, and which continue to this day.
At the same time we experimented in the field with the team of agronomists to fine-tune crop plans and create the best formulations for plant nutrition and protection.

The BioEsperia Project

The project was born from a high Italian technological capacity and from an idea. The idea is to see what surrounds us as a resource rather than a waste, a value rather than a burden. From the combination of technology and ideas we have come to create innovative tools. The tools that BioEsperia puts in place are necessary for the realization of goals and ends. Our goals are:

  • Environmental sustainability
  • Social sustainability
  • Economic sustainability
  • Sharing

In sharing between us, farms and consumers our goals become your goals, for a healthier and more natural environment.

The challenge we set ourselves is to offer, through innovative tools, a quantity of agricultural production to feed an increasingly large population and a quality agriculture where there is respect for the earth, the territory and the environment we inhabit.

This is the decisive challenge of the 21st century and through BioEsperia it is possible to overcome it with respect for the environment and sustainability.

In 2021 the SICI spa investment fund ( https://www.fondisici.it/portale/bio-esperia-srl/ ) joined the BioEsperia initiative, believing in the high industrial, scientific and market value of the initiative SICI is an active partner for the growth of investee companies and a strategic operator in the creation of value for the territory with repercussions on the economic and social fabric in terms of competitiveness, employment, entrepreneurial and managerial culture. Through research and experimentation it is possible to create new materials for industrial applications and to create products for sustainable agriculture. In 2022 BioEsperia becomes an innovative SME at the chamber of commerce.

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Improves plant productivity

 Promotes healthy growth of the roots and leaves; Improves the absorption of nutrients and photosynthetic efficiency; Increases fruit setting and shelf life.


Protects the plant

Strengthen the natural defenses. Strengthens the foliar and root system. It helps the plant in moments of biotic and abiotic stress.
BioEperia produces an integrated natural solution, it does so through dedicated and specific cultivation projects, only for farms, after a careful analysis of the treatments used through the work of experts and agronomists in the company.
The shared analytical laboratory of BioEsperia is able to provide qualified assistance to its customers for the verification of the compatibility of the soil and soils, the detailed services of BioEsperia, provides for the coring of the agricultural area, just to have an accurate trace of the stratigraphic profile, which allows you to take entire samples. For us, the soil samples examined are important in order to analyze the percentage of residual chemical compounds and evaluate the characteristics of the integration of our natural products.

Six areas of intervention : Olive – Vine – Fruit – Vegetables – Cereals and Flowers.

Each area is approached with cultivation projects and dedicated products, the labels certified by BioEsperia are aimed at the entire protocol of the vegetative development of the plants in the various phenological phase.

The institutions support us

Read the international studies on our protocols

Potato is the fourth most widely consumed staple food in the world. This study
investigated the effectiveness of 0.2% wood distillate (WD), a biostimulant derived from the pyrolysis of waste plant biomass, in boosting the nutritional quality of potato tubers.
Biochar improves the performance of Avena sativa L. grown
in gasoline‑polluted soils

Soil biochemical activities after the application of pyroligneous acid to soil.

Co-application of wood distillate and biochar improves soil
quality and plant growth in basil (
Ocimum basilicum).
Foliar Application of Wood Distillate Alleviates Ozone-Induced
Damage in Lettuce (
Lactuca sativa L.).
Biochar Amendment Reduces the Availability of Pb in the Soil
and Its Uptake in Lettuce

Our protocols

Our creed is “every product has its own story”.
For this we develop and offer each customer a specific “project” for its agricultural production which is based on the ” location” of the culture but also on its history .








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