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Why choose BioEsperia

The DNA of the company

The latitude, longitude, height, acidity and basicity of the soil, and the memory of the treatments used, place each farm in a particular place with specific characteristics: this is the company’s DNA.
Our cultural project and the application of the protocols are unique for each company served.
From the analysis of needs to the supply of protocols to the monitoring of field activities up to the evaluation of the final results, each client company will have a technical-scientific support committee at its disposal.


The culture project

Our belief is “every product has its own story”.
This is why we develop and offer each customer a specific “project” for their agricultural production which is based on the “location” of the culture but also on its history.


We have always looked to the future as a challenge, BioEsperia is the goal achieved.

For a circular economy

BioEsperia products are distilled from vegetable biomass using secondary cuts of woods from non-humanised areas.

Our project is worth 366 billion tons of CO2 less for the planet.

We improve the world with waste, because we are able to satisfy the 2 million land areas cultivated to meet the food needs of the entire world population through an environmentally sustainable project.

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Research and innovation for a stronger Nature.
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